Meshes appearing colorful bug

Hello! I logged into Studio and noticed all my meshes were turned into random colors.

  • What are you attempting to achieve?
    Turning the meshes back to their correct colors.

  • What is the issue?
    Randomized colors on all meshes that will not go away.

  • What solutions have you tried so far?
    Changing colors,
    changing mesh,
    checking for textures,
    restarting studio.

Any help will be great.
This is also my first post just so you know.


I’ve seen a plugin that turns the meshes to these colors, maybe you have that plugin and it’s turned on?

Plugin I’m talking about: Mesh Optimization Tools - Roblox


You were right! I looked at the desc of the plugin and saw “show decomposition geometry” and realized there is a setting for that in studio. I must’ve turned it on without knowing. Thank you!


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