Meshes causing lag in team create for my friend, but not me

In studio, me and a friend are having a issue with meshes causing lag on his side but not mine.

The first image are the ammount of tri’s hes getting on his end

The second picture is the ammount of Tri’s on my end.

This applies to most meshes. For me its fine, but for him it causes lag. His PC specs are up to date (probably better than mine). We’ve tried turning all of our plugins off, nothing. If theres any support regarding this, it would help greatly.


Im gonna be completely honest i dont really know what does this cause exactly, but i can guess that it might be, because the mesh is too big for his pc to load and also might be because he has his studio graphics on very high and maybe the mesh is detailed a lot. I think your friend should try these things that might fix the problem: Get a better device, lower studio graphics, make the mesh less detailed from inside, delete other meshes in the game because it might be also caused by a lot of meshes being in the game at the same time. Thats all i can think of please mark my message as solvation if it helps.