Meshes or models? which one is better?

Which one is better meshes or models?

I think that models are better because even if it is a spammed model, it could be the size for a player, while meshes, you have to resize even after it looks right but, while you play the game it can even fit enough for a spawn.


Meshes are better even though they usually spawn in the wrong size. To fix that you can just hold shift and resize it.

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Yes, but they sometimes are very laggy. (edit:) also they can be in wrong color.

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Meshes may be more realistic sometimes, and they make the game run better, because models have more parts, but it also can have no texture, or not fit too well as you can think, it depends on you, they both have pros and cons.


Meshes are used to create parts you normally can’t simply create on studio while Models are to make multiple objects into one group. Basically, it depends on what your doing. If your making a gun, you should use Meshes to create the parts, then you can group the meshes into a model.


Models, are much easier to make, but meshes are harder, to make.

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and part models? what about the models you can use in a part?

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I forgot to tell, when it comes to DIY models are better if you are not already experienced with creating 3d models outside roblox.

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Part models should be the same thing as regular models, they both have the same purpose to group multiple parts into a model. (if I’m correct)

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meshes, and parts are different, once they are grouped they are a model, roblox should also create a mesh-model category in studio.(edit:) parts and meshes are different so, the models should be different.

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What the actual hell is everyone talking about here?

MeshParts (an object) can’t in any way be compared to Models (a way of organizing groups of objects).

Models can be made of MeshParts and Parts, so already any vague comparison is falling apart. This is all ridiculous.

Instead, compare actual objects to each other, like MeshParts vs Unions vs Parts, which has been talked about extensively already and everyone here obviously needs to read up on.


It really varies on what you using, both are pretty different. Models are just group parts which may be more efficient for editing and whatnot, meshes are a huge plus for optimization. If a model has an insane part count it may be worth converting into a mesh just for the sake of performance but at the end of the day its up to you.

If mesh you will add a texture for it to make it good while parts you gonna encounter Z figthing means it will ruin your model looks if you have a texture on it
And you can convert your part model and turn into a mesh

Models are more in a way psychical that just having one mesh. Models are more easy to control with, you can take your model and edit it faster than going back to your program and reuploading it into your game. I prefer models over meshes. Now meshes are great for more smoother models if you wanted to have a custom hat or a car, weapon mesh, etc. I would be going to do meshes. but I mainly use bricks than meshes.

Obviously, models will be easier to make, its far easier to press Ctrl + G on a few bricks.

That being said, keeping in mind the very poor support Roblox gives to vertices. They both have their Pro`s and cons and (imho) meshes are better for small scale objects whilst parts and unions suit buildings and other things of the sort.

This is partly because of how linear things become when the same large object is repeated, ie, using a single mesh to make a town. This is because importing takes a fair bit to color, resize, import, group, etc…