Meshes or parts

Which is better? 10 parts or 1 mesh

Like my game have 15k parts, if i use meshes and make it fewer, will it be the same fps or even less fps, does meshes lag player?

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Meshes would be better, the more parts the laggier the game could be depending on the player’s PC

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That depends on what the object is. I’d it’s a large building, go for parts, but if it’s a small object, go for a mesh.


I don’t know what object you’re trying to create so I’ll just go with a tree as an example.

If you want to use this tree for your entire game, like having 5+ of these trees around your map, I suggest making it into a single MeshPart.

However, if you only want one tree in your map, it’s probably best to go with 10 parts.

If you really want to know which is better, I suggest creating them both then seeing how many tris each model has. You can view this in Blender under Statistics.

Meshes as a whole is just better suited for bigger maps. The server will always have more trouble loading in 1000 parts with 10 tris each compared to loading in 1 mesh with 10k tris in it.

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