Meshes Wont Load in team create

I am in a team create with a friend and when we load in a mesh part only the person that uploaded it is able to see the model. here is the video link

and here is the error

Thank you

> [04:18:55.534 - Mesh Manager: http request failed, contentid: 'rbxassetid://3332148120'](rbxopenprop://48804%2ERBX60087A44F5A94E0C8BCBD3269470DAB0/Archivable)
> [04:18:55.536 - Image "" failed to load in "Workspace.MeshPart.TextureID": Request failed](rbxopenprop://48804%2ERBX60087A44F5A94E0C8BCBD3269470DAB0/TextureID)

teamcreate behaves differently, youll have to
A: either upload the mesh yourself
B: tell the owner of that teamcreate to get the mesh and put it in themselves

(same for animations ngl)

Hello! :smile:
Well for me, you can upload the mesh that your using by yourself
you can tell the owner to put it in themselves,

  • If they’re too lazy to do it, You can do it yourself.

I had same problem before , ask owner to load it in and then rejoin after owner loads in the mesh (it wont appear for you unless you rejoin)

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