MeshPart Memory

If you have a MeshPart set to can collide off and the collision fidelity was at “Default” then would it save memory? Because I’m sure ROBLOX would still need to save more memory because of the fidelity setting itself (because you still can put on the CanCollide property, the only thing it would save is physics in my mind.

MeshPart CollisionFidelity set to “Box” takes less memory* because it only has to calculate six faces if there’s a collision - even if CanCollide is False (because a collision calculation is still made even if CanCollide is false).

At least that’s what I was told a while ago - I don’t know if it’s changed since.

*I’m not sure if CollisionFidelity is considered “memory” in MeshPart loading, I think it’s grouped with Physics. I’ll correct my post when I find out, unless someone can correct me later in this thread :slight_smile:

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Makes sense yeah, but thank you. Hopefully someone can bring me out of my misery :upside_down_face: