MeshPart textures taking a lot to render/load

I have some MeshParts with textures.
When I play the game it’s taking sometime 30 seconds or more for the textures to appear correctly.

  1. Play:

  2. 30 seconds or more after play the textures are shown:

The RenderFidelity of the MeshPart is set to Automatic.

It seems the Roblox engine is taking a lot to process lights, etc.

What can I do to avoid this?

There’s no real way to avoid it because the game has to actually load the textures to display them, this can take some time for people with slower internet connections.

You could go without the texture and achieve a similar visual result if you use Future lighting if you have the cylinders have a metal material.
This would have no loading delay but can result in more lag for lower end users if your map is really big, has a lot of detail and a lot of light emitters. Otherwise it should be fine.

If you 100% have to use the textures, then you could force preload the textures while the game is loading, but this is a pretty extreme measure.

I hope this helped.
Good luck.


Hey, how did you get my meshes?

Already Future and already Metal

Yes, my map is really big…

I would like to avoid ContentProvider:PreloadAsync, as I will have a lot of materials that will not appear constantly and this case will generate a lot of delay in the initial load of the game…

So apparently there’s not much I can do, right?

I just threw a few cylinders together to quickly replicate your scene.

I assume that you don’t have reflections visible because of the placement of your lights.
You could make a transparent light part similarly as shown in the image below, this will give plenty of possible angles for light to reflect into the camera lens.

If the lights point straight down, it might not be possible for this to happen with roblox materials, but might be possible for a material with custom normals.

This is an extremely dumb example but i think this gets the point across more or less

So basically just place a small part with a surface light somewhere above the pipes with a 180 degree angle and somewhat low brightness and it should give the desired effect.

And as for the possible lag, judging from how the map looks from the pictures you provided I’d say it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

I hope this helped.
Good luck.

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I do have several lights on the ceiling, in addition to the normal daylight sunlight.
So I imagine that there is not much that can be done to reduce this delay, since apparently, the Roblox engine is not that optimized.
Even so, thank you for all your effort and attention.