MeshParts don't load/appear every 1 in 50 plays

A few months ago, I discovered union parts would sometimes fail to load roughly every 1 in 50 plays. I asked about this on the devforum and was recommended to convert my unions to MeshParts and preload them: Union parts don't always appear - #10 by ForeverHD

Here’s the thing: I’ve applied both of these suggestions, and I still have reports of MeshParts not loading, once again, roughly every 1 in 50 plays.

For example, people have reported all these trees being completely invisible. Despite not being able to see the trees, the player still sees the tree’s shadow, and still collides with the tree. When this happens, it also means you can’t see all the other MeshParts and Union parts in the whole game.

To preload my assets, I have a copy of each different type of MeshPart in ReplicatedStorage, and then copy them into a table to be preloaded like so:

Am I doing something wrong with preloading? If not, is there something else I can do to fix this completely? I’d love to finally patch this problem as it’s causing a real problem for a lot of my players, especially if it’s their first time playing the game.



I also have this issue from time to time. It only happened to me directly once, but other players will sometimes complain about not being able to see them, and its crucial that they do as in my case its a main game mechanic.

I hope a solution is found for this, otherwise ill be forced to use normal parts which will make it not look as pretty.

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Ok thanks - I’d like to post this on bug reports as it appears to be a universal problem - I’ll see if I can get someone with permissions to do so.

Please file your own bug reports using rule 15.1:

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I can verify as well, sometimes even the body parts of the character fail to load which is even more outstanding.

Only pro I see to this is being able to see people through objects while they cant see you in phantom forces because it failed to load

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Ok thank you, have done.