MeshParts moving but they are anchored

I have a strange problem.
MeshParts move them even though they are anchored does anybody know why?


I hope that somebody can help me, thanks for reading and good day!

I dont see anything wrong with it mind circling it for me


I think its better now, right?

You could try turning collisions on if anchored not working, also try welding the tracks to the base part, if these don’t work tell me.

Hmm, Try converting all the mesh parts to one centralized mesh part, assuming they are multiple. Also are the parts your trying to anchor them to anchored? One last thing is just try to reload the mesh.

On the gravel mesh is a Texture maybe the texture is moving.

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I don’t understand what you mean, could you elaborate? Send a short gyazo gif or something so we can understand.

So in Studio the mesh with texture is correct (first screenshot)
In game the mesh with texture is moved (second screenshot)

I sorta get it, but could you send a .rbxl file so we can try to solve it?

You mean the place with the tracks?

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There doesn’t seem to be an issue?


In my studio place it looks like this:

Just place it right above the first one, or copy the position and just move it towards the direction you want.

Example of what I mean:
TrainTrack.rbxl (23.7 KB)

I did it correct but its still moving and I don’t know why.

Oh, I get it. The textures are getting mixed with each other, I suggest you just scale it towards the direction you need it. (scale the children of the grouped item one by one)
When you can’t scale them anymore, just do the same as before, move them close to each other, but it will still have that “moving” effect.

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I think that the rail mesh is moving here is a video:
wird hochgeladen: robloxapp-20200905-0017515.wmv…

Uh I think I have found the mistake. :grimacing:
The Rotation was -90.06 :man_facepalming:t2:

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