Meshparts take significantly longer to load than they used to

Around 1-2 weeks ago I started noticing that meshparts were taking unusually long to load in while in studio. I sometimes view our full storage of vehicles in the workspace like this, and the time it takes for everything to fully load is significantly longer than it used to. The vehicles here have thousands of different meshparts so the difference in load time adds up to a clear difference.

They used to take around 1-2 minutes to fully load but now it seems to be almost 2x or 3x that delay, which is the only reason I noticed it in the first place. Nothing has changed with my internet connection and this has consistently been slower for the past 1-2 weeks. Not sure if it is limited to just studio or the roblox client is affected as well.


I can confirm this weird phenomenon.

In my game I use PreloadAsync before teleporting players into an area and I noticed that some Meshes are INVISIBLE (not loaded) even though PreloadAsync yields until all assets are loaded which is very weird.

This also happens in studio multiple times consecutively. It started yesterday

FYI, I use an Ethernet cable and achieved speed of about 1Gbps so I really doubt it’s my Internet connection

I’m happy to provide more information upon request

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I believe that a change was made around the same time you started noticing this issue with the mesh parts. Until a few weeks ago, some meshes would change colors when applied with an R15 Humanoid, while their RGB in the properties would stay the previous color.

Fixing such an issue could mean more data needs to be loaded, possibly adding wait time to all meshes in general.

While I only import meshes in the 10s and 20s, I have yet to experience this issue.

Thanks for the report! Can you provide the place where you encountered this problem, or any other place where this issue occurs? Thanks!

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