MeshParts use odd naming convention for MeshID/TextureID property names

Everywhere else MeshID, TextureID, and xID exist on ROBLOX, the the D in ID is lowercase.

MeshPart: MeshID & TextureID

SpecialMesh: MeshId & TextureId
BackpackItem: TextureId
Sound: SoundId
Animation: AnimationId

MeshPart properties should be MeshId & TextureId and not MeshID and TextureID with uppercase 'D’s. If not for the sake of global consistency, for the sake of being consistent with SpecialMeshes which are supposed to be able to be seamlessly swapped out with MeshParts. The current properties should be deprecated and consistent properties added in their stead.


Yeah ROBLOX also did this with Players:GetPlayerByID (which is locked) and made a new method called Players:GetPlayerById (which has never been locked). Wish ROBLOX kept to an internal naming scheme (maybe they do, for all I know)