Meshparts with automatic RenderFidelity always show the distant LOD on mobile since yesterday

Since yesterday I’ve been getting bug reports of cars looking a little odd in my game Car Crushers 2. All were posted by mobile players showing a distant LOD model applied at very close distance like this:

I’ve tested a little with this and confirmed that:

  • It only happens on mobile
  • It doesn’t happen with unions that have automatic renderfidelity

It can be reproduced simply by joining Car Crushers 2 on a phone and opening the dealership. I’ve tested on an android device but not 100% sure about IOS devices. This is the game link: [MISSIONS 🏆] Car Crushers 2 - Roblox


I have confirmed this myself with the Android mobile app and from multiple reports of users on Android experiencing this problem. See:

All MeshParts that have been set to automatic appear to be stuck this way.


Hi there! Engineers have identified and reverted the change that was causing the issue while they investigate further. Things should be working as expected now!


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