Mesh/Rig is broken when imported to roblox

I am trying to import a rig of a realistic soldier into my game which I auto rigged, but when I do so my mesh gets deformed with low quality and holes in it and also no textures.

Heres how it looks like on blender

Now on roblox:

I have tried importing it in obj, removing the entire bones and putting them back, importing only armature and mesh idk what to do please help me

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It’s probably because your meshes were a little too much for Roblox to handle, there’s a limit to how much polygon a mesh can have while importing to Roblox Studio, if i remember correctly, the limit was 30k polygon per mesh.

Another thing is i also see that some of your meshes are translucent, probably because some of its faces is flipped, you can get it fixed by going to Edit mode > Select all faces > Mesh > Normals > Flip/Recalculate Outside/Recalculate Inside

And you can check what face is flipped by

If that helped, but i have to say that if your meshes are over the limit, it technically mean that you will have to waste more time to solve the issue more than fixing it :skull:

Okay seems like the limit was the issue it had like 248k polygon :skull: , although why dont my textures get imported. And is there a way to actually import large meshes to roblox or the limit is just 30k

I don’t really know how to import meshes’ texture but i am pretty sure that you will have to do additional steps than just exporting it as usual.

And for a alternative way to import meshes, i think there’s no other way to get around the limit, because importing onto Roblox is free and it will be saved in the Roblox database, because of this, Roblox prevented other players from overloading the Roblox database by putting a limit that low :sob:

Dang, that really sucks, here i was trying to make a realistic game on roblox seems like I gotta lower it down now.

Also the texture thing works really weird, sometimes they appear when you import them as usual sometimes they don’t but anyway thanks a lot.

Did you try making your mesh double sided

Yeah, sadly nothing happened. Might be because its too big but, I’ve seen other devs import large mesh rigs but idk how

Do you purposefully want it that big, it looks bigger than a default baseplate? I think the problem is that you’re not scaling it down in blender perhaps?

In Blender, try scaling down the mesh you have to .01 on the XYZ and then export your fbx/reimport it into Roblox with the new mesh

Also, make sure to have it so your meshes dont goof up the textures by selecting your all your mesh(es), and click object, apply, and all transformations

Should look like this when importing big stuff into studio from Blender

Thanks a lot. I gave up on it and now im remaking it with less details but nonetheless tysm

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