Mesh's edges are visible

Hello! I’ve got some mesh and it shows its edges somewhy. The texture is just a flate color, but edges are visible. Is there a way to fix this problem? Screenshot below:

Is it possible you have the Outlines Property turned on?
What Mesh creating program are you using?

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I used blender

It happens only when mesh size is small

i’ve never had that issue. you could be using bad practice to make your model. an example would be creating vertices and eges you would never need or want to create. but i’m not sure.

In Blender did you click on the Vertices tool, select All (A on your keyboard) then go to the Vertices Drop-down and select the Merge tool?
I’m wondering if you’ve go multiple edges and vertices that don’t need to be there.

Can you save a file of the finished 2 and drop it here so we can have a look at it?

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I’ve already fixed that. Thanks for helping. Somewhy roblox made all textures bad quality and that’s why it happened. I noticed it also of some catalog items

please mark the solution thank you

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