MeshTextures messing up on custom character

I’m trying to make a Martial Arts inspired game but the textures on my meshes, for the custom character are messing up.
This is what my textures should look like “Kinda”

The red spots I outlined show parts that have a transparent Texture on them, but it doesn’t work FSR.

This is a Picture of what it looks like when i set a PrimaryPart to the character “The HumanoidRootPart”

The Blue Highlights textures that work how I really wanted it to, and the red is just messed up completely

Is there any way I can fix this?
All of my textures seems to be accepted by Roblox “Except for the lower torso, I don’t know why”
Any help would be really helpful!

Hey @roby336!

First questions before I can give you proper help:

1: Did you 3D model this rig yourself? Or is this a ROBLOX Rthro rig?

2: Are you using decals? Textures? SurfaceAppearance for the images that are messed up?

3: Can you send the source textures so we can try to replicate your problem?

I’ve made this rig myself, it has all the necessities, joints, root parts, attachments, and body part labels “That I don’t know what they do”.
I am using Textures, as I stated, they are exported with the model.
I could send the textures, although I don’t think you would really need them

Just curious, can you send images of the topology and the unwrapping method you did? I’m going to shoot at this as a unwrap error or topology error. Send pictures of the hands, fingers and other conflicting geometry (in edit mode), show the UV Unwrapping menu too. Turning on asynchronous UV editing will help illustrate the point even further.

Okay, you’ll have to give me a moment


LowerArms – No Texture

UpperArms --Work very well

UpperTorso-- Also Worked very well

Head – NoTexture

UpperLegs – Works as intended I think, No problems seen.

LowerLegs – Did not work, Texture went all black

Feet – Did not work, Texture went all black

I “fixed” this by deleting a WrapTarget instance in the meshes them selfs. The Textures aren’t weird anymore but. The texture still doesn’t have the transparency/see-through texture on them. I think this is a Roblox problem that they don’t have see-through textures working on mesh parts