Message encryption via key and fake encrypt message script and more

Hey there! I made a cool little script that generates a key and a fake encrypted message to hide a message.
To decrypt, you’re required to use the key and the fake encrypted message.

There’s also an option for regular encryption, no key, real encrypt


Put the following code inside a script in ServerScriptService:

local Keys = {}
local GlobalKeys = {}

local Encrypt = require(14236432033)

--With key and fake encryption message:

local EncryptedMessage = Encrypt.GenerateKeyAndMessage("Super cool secret message", 40, 80)
table.insert(Keys, EncryptedMessage.GetKey)
table.insert(GlobalKeys, {GetKey = EncryptedMessage.GetKey, GetEncryption = EncryptedMessage.GetEncryption, GetMessage = EncryptedMessage.GetMessage})

print(Keys, GlobalKeys)

local Decrypted = Encrypt.DecryptMessageWithKey(EncryptedMessage, Keys[1], GlobalKeys)


--Without key and real encryption message (mainly for loading local scripts or something)

local Encrypted2 = Encrypt.GlobalEncryption("Very insane encryption")


local Decrypted2 = Encrypt.GlobalDecryption(Encrypted2)


I believe this is fairly easy to understand.
GenerateKeyAndMessage requires the message, minimum length and maximum length of results.

DecryptMessageWithKey requires the encrypted message, the key and then the GlobalKeys table.

Now, Why should you use this?

Well, I guess it’s useful for security and stuff if you know how to use it.
If you need some additional features then don’t be afraid to ask!

And what do the encrypted messages and keys look like?

They are strings of random symbols and letters. Including non supported letters like japanese letters!

Happy encrypting!