Message error when i try to unify


  • I want to unify some part and roblox studio send me a message error

  • There is the message error


  • i try to unify part by part but now, roblox studio send me this error in anyways

Someone can help me


How intricate is your Union? Is it just a few items (Parts, Unions, or Negated Parts) or are you trying to use a lot of those items?

Unions seem to break pretty easy, and if you ever upload a Union to Blender or another 3d program you will see they are pretty messy. I’ve had unions where I undo one step, move the Part I was adding or Negating by .002 studs, and then get an error or failure when I try to Union it again.

It’s better to create a MeshPart with another 3d program and import it.

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It’s a union

this is what i want to unify :

and i want to unify

How many tris in the container Union?
I’m guessing with the colours you have in the Container Union that you are using the old CSG tool. It had more issues with ‘breaking’ than the new system, but it still worked for more simple shapes.


Unioning that whole group of containers is a bad idea. You might be looking for the group feature instead (Ctrl+G) if the aim is to move/duplicate them all as one.

As for why the actual union is failing, one of the common ways to get a -14 error is trying to union a bunch of objects with overlapping faces, which seems to be what you’re doing.

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