Message Router Service disconnected

Sometimes when I use MessagingService:SubscribeAsync, I get the error

Message Router Service disconnected.
stack begin, line 8

stack end

I don’t know why it happens, but it is in a group game with 1 playing on average
I (the group owner) am in the beta program


The engineering team is investigating.

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@Acreol - There was an issue briefly earlier today which has now been resolved.


This happened at least once before today as well
I cannot recall if it was with PublishAsync or SubscribeAsync though

Could you provide more details using this as a reference?

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I don’t know anything else about it

If you read the linked topic, it explains that you are meant to construct a minimal repro file and add it to the topic. If the issue does not occur 100% of the time, you could include a more accurate percentage, this will help staff reproduce the issue and fix it. (i.e. add a repro file and add “this happens 1 / 10 times when I run the code”)

If the issue doesn’t reproduce reliably and it happens very infrequently then this might not be the time to file a bug report. You should always be wrapping your Async calls in pcall and dealing with errors gracefully, by the way.