Messaging Service is currently down


My friend and I are currently experiencing a problem where messaging service will say that it’s disconnected. This happens in all of my games that use it and in-studio too. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? My game relies on MessagingService so all new servers are not working and It cannot be our doing as the game hasn’t been updated recently.

It seems the problem happens when ever you attempt to use SubscribeAsync.



This has been happening for the past week or so, it’s been making private-messaging very difficult. You are not the only one! :slight_smile:

This is about server messaging. Not private messaging.
My game relies on MessagingService and all new servers are not working currently. I think your problem is completely unrelated.

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I no longer see this problem occurring. But I’ll keep the thread up incase I see the problem return.

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It seems like various Roblox services were not available.

Was down at the same time of this thread.

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Just FYI, you should review the dev hub page on this: MessagingService | Roblox Creator Documentation

Delivery is best effort and not guaranteed. Make sure to architect your game so delivery failures are not critical.

(Also you need to pcall --Async calls (and optionally retry them) so that your scripts don’t fail when a call fails)

Delivery failures are accounted for in my game. Simply using the service was causing the error (doing get:Service("MessagingService") would error).

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That’s not true based on the error you showed – it’s on line 3 :slightly_smiling_face:

Which makes sense because there is no pcall around the SubscribeAsync call. GetService cannot fail like that.

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Ah my bad, I incorrectly thought it was the service get

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