MessagingService or MemoryStoreService for cross server chat?


I’m currently working on a discussion feature for my game where players can chat between different servers.

  • With messaging service I can use SubscribeAsync but I can’t view old chats.

  • With memory store service I can list data pretty quickly and view older chats, but I haven’t found anyone else who’s done this and I’m wondering if it’s for a reason.

Which would be better to achieve this, MessagingService or MemoryStoreService?

(I have very little to no experience with them.)

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Honestly, i will suggest using messaging service because from most ytber and my script i use it. If u want to use memory service then u can try but it might not work.if u want to store the old chats, u can use datastore service.

Im actually leaning towards MemoryStoreService since I can quickly get lists of data and also view old chats, although messaging service is apparently pretty fast aswell.

Its not a very good idea to store old chats in datastore because loading lists from datastore has a limit of 7 per minute which im alreading using up for other stuff.

Its super late at night for me so I will find a solution tomorrow. Thanks!

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Sure goodnight if memoryStoreService works, pls tell me casue i might want to change mine =D thanks