MessagingService Questions

With the announcement of MessagingService, I still have a few questions about it.

Question 1: If I get access to MessagingService on my account, will I be able to use it on my group?

Question 2: What is the size limit to messages on MessagingService?

Question 3: In the documentation, it says: 150 + 60 * number of players is the maximum amount of messages per minute. Is this the amount you can send, receive, or both? (Like can I receive as many messages as I want, but is sending limited?)

Question 4: Is there still a limit of 10,000 subscriptions per universe or is this gone now?

1. Uncertain about that one though I believe as long as you own the group it should work.

3. I’m certain that is how many messages that can be sent per minute using PublishAsync.


(anyone may correct me if my information is wrong.)


Thanks! The thing that will really hold me back is the maximum message size I can have, since I’m sending a list of players in a lobby with 2 other variables for each (that could end up being up to 50 players). I’m going to need to make a script to compress the size of messages and then decompress them on the receiving side. (If I can figure out how.)