MessagingService :SubscribeAsync() fail

Reproduction Steps

local MessagingService = game:GetService("MessagingService")


Expected Behavior
I expect a listener to start for the respective topic.

Actual Behavior
An error occurs with the message: “There was an error invoking Hub method ‘MessageRouterHub.Subscribe’.”

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-11-01 15:11:00 (-07:00)


Yeah, this just broke our game. Players are unable to join.


Just want to emphasize that this is a critical error and many games are functionally broken because of this.

Games that have teleportation within the universe and that use MessagingService like mine. Nobody can teleport and sessions cannot initialize.

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The issue seems to be slowly disappearing. The problem arises now and then but is no longer a consistent issue.

Closing as per above comment. If this issue starts recurring, please file a new bug report.


This is currently happening again in live games that are using SubscribeAsync from the messaging service.


This exact issue is indeed occurring again in several experiences I am working on.
It is impacting our experiences and players are unable to properly play them due to some parts of our game relying on MessagingService.

Issue was first reported by one of our players today: 2021-11-12 11:06:00 PST (-08:00)
Confirmed to occur in two separate places (in two separate experiences) and appears to be happening 100% of the time currently.
Error still occurs as of: 2021-11-12 12:09:00 PST (-08:00)


Error also occurs with :PublishAsync()

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the issue happened to me too please fix.

This problem happens to me all the time

YES, just occurred to my game.

Just happened to me as well [in studio]. Didn’t check ingame.

Please for the love of god, I need this fixed. I have a scheduled event in an hour or so, and this is really stressing me out.

You can run this in your game, and it will error.

s, e = pcall(function()
	game:GetService('MessagingService'):SubscribeAsync('a1', function() end)
if not s then

MessagingService is down and produces this error. This issue has started happening for me at 11am PST today, it is causing production issues.

"There was an error invoking Hub method 'MessageRouterHub.Subscribe'"


We’re also having issues with MessagingService. This error is spamming our logs,

I too am having issues with MessagingService, everything else seems to be functioning properly.

"There was an error invoking Hub method 'MessageRouterHub.Subscribe'."

MessagingService was working without flaw two hours ago. Haven’t checked whether it occurs in-game just yet.

I am also using messaging service for cross-server matchmaking. The subscription method started throwing an error around 2 hours ago, lost 80% of the active players on a live game. As of now its fixed but was quite costly. Will report an engine bug, hope it gets attention and gets fixed not to reoccur


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