Messy GUIs in thumbnails?

It looks like GUIs are now trying to show up on thumbnails, but the UI in the thumbnail for my game are all messed up, as you can see here:

It’s like the thumbnail is showing 1.5 screens, so you can see some of the UI that are at a position of 1+.

They had this before but was shortly removed. I don’t know why they would be added again. It seems kind of pointless…

This wasnt added again.
Republish the place and see if it goes.

I had this happen 2 days ago and republishing fixed it.

Yeah, it’s gone now.

It seems to occur randomly. I’d rather it be fixed than having to re-upload to fix it.

It seems to be back again

When we had this in the past, I just unticked a bool in StarterGui called: “ShowDevelopmentGUI” (if that is what it’s called I forgot its name.) Doing so prevented Guis from being shown for place thumbnails and in studio. I unticked it before uploading. The Guis show for players on website servers even with it changed to false BTW.