Messy Script-------

Is there any Plugins that arrange your script? Please let me know if yes.
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The best way to do this is to arrange your script manually and make it be organised as you script. This will be a good habbit and will make it easy for others to help you way faster if you need any help with your scripts. I do not know of any plugins that can doo this even if they were plugins it could even mess your script more as it would not know how you would want your script to be arranged.


i.e., there aren’t currently any formatting plugins that I know of on Roblox. And if I made one, I would sell it for Robux because you would have to run through the entire source and format everything.

There aren’t any plugins as of now but you can always use a Lua script beautifier.
Here are some that I use:
Online Beautifer
Rerubi’s Beautifier & Minifier


You can use to fix your indenting but that’s all.

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The only plugin that I know of that is sort of similar to what you are asking is the Stravant - Minify&Beautify plugin. With the “Beautify” tab in this plugin it formats and indents your code when you click the button. With that said though I wouldn’t recommend only using plugins to indent and format your code as they could do some unexpected changes to your script.

Roblox studio has some studio settings that help you format your code and one of them is an auto indent setting. To find these settings go to File > Settings… > Studio and then scroll down until you see the “Script Editor” tab:

It is generally a good idea to learn how to format your code by hand instead of relying on plugins and features to do it all for you. There a loads of articles lying around about formatting and some specific to Roblox: Roblox Lua Style guide. Some things explained in this article are very hard to do with plugins.