"METAM" Information Sheet

METAM - Game

METAM: Goal oriented, round-based asymmetric multiplayer


FourLetterWords - Build, Game Design, DEFAULT skin pack etc
Rudolph101 - Scripting
m_urce - Asset Modeling, GFX
kvugen - Icons (Art)
ItsYellowAlpaca - Advising
Oohhellothereboi - Achievements and Descriptions
ARandom_AJ - Lobby NPC animations

:sparkles: All bugs, suggestions, issues, etc should be reported to our communications server. Thank you! :sparkles:
All details and information are subject to change. METAM is in its BETA stage, and will be polished


List of possible goals
  • Ally Goals
    • Set and keep coordinates for Earth
    • End with at least 3 survivors
    • All specialty rooms must be discovered
    • Escape uninfected
    • No one should be infected at the end
    • The Doctor must survive
    • The Captain must survive
    • The Prodigy must survive
    • The Monk must survive
    • The Scientist must survive
    • The Mechanic must survive
    • The Creature cannot survive
  • Rogue Goals
    • Set and keep coordinates for Mars
    • Be the only survivor
    • The ship must self-destruct: destroy all generators
    • Escape infected
    • Everyone must be infected at the end
    • The Doctor cannot survive
    • The Captain cannot survive
    • The Prodigy cannot survive
    • The Monk cannot survive
    • The Scientist cannot survive
    • The Mechanic cannot survive
    • The Creature must survive
  • CREATURE Only Goals
    • Infect all players
    • No players must survive
How it works

For all players, 2 goals that are given at random. You will be prompted to choose 1 of the 2 once the CREATURE is discovered, or the time limit hits the half-way mark.

Keep in mind that any “contradicting” goals are meant to give players a chance to a more clear choice when the time comes to choose.


Joining a round

For non-Premium/VIP, there are only 2 groups of 7 pods separated by a “screen/TV/monitor” model.

Players have 20 seconds upon the first player entering into a group of pods before the pods are sent off into the main game to start a round.

VIP/Premium members can join Non-VIP teleports, but they also have their own through the VIP door.


6 Generators are placed around the map. They power 3 rooms: the one in which they reside, and the other two they lead to. Generators can power lights, doors, their corresponding escape pod, and the red buttons in corridors.

Generators can be turned on, destroyed, and repaired. Only the Engineer can repair.

Only 3 generators may be on at once. If a fourth generator is turned on, the first will switch off.

Once all generators are destroyed, the ship blows up with the players that are on the ship.


Doors can be forced open with time, closed, or opened with a keycard.

Doors can also be destroyed. This means they broken open and can no longer be closed.


Infections take up the capacity of a player’s FORCE bar. Infections spread by 1 bar every 2 minutes. Once a player is fully infected, they are considered to have not survived.

The CREATURE can infect a player with 2 bars of infection. The CREATURE may do this more than once during a round.

Infected players can become infectious and give another player 1 bar of infection only once while infected.

Escape Pods

Generators can be escaped through or destroyed. Only the Engineer can repair escape pods.
The generator that corresponds to an escape pod must be on for it to work. When trying out escape pods, you will lose FORCE for trying one that is not on. Yes, this is meant to throw you off at the last minute, just like the prop medkits that have absolutely no use :smiling_imp:


A player’s tools can be found directly above the FORCE bar. These small icons are used as tools, please click these to use them :heart:


You are able to click the top right Badge button in the lobby. Open this to view what achievements you can claim for XP and BRASS (all different amounts). If you rewards are claimable, click the gray box in the tier indicator above the green bar!



CREATURE is the only character that must be present in a game.
Extra Traits:

  • Can destroy doors
  • Has a 10 second hold-off (all other players have a 10 second head-start)
  • Can use the vent system

Extra Traits:

  • Spawns with a keycard in toolbar

Extra Traits:

  • Is “blind” (black and white, pulsing vision)
  • Has a higher walking speed than all other players

Extra Traits:

  • Can craft a CREATURE Stun (to be used to stun the CREATURE) in the Lab

Extra Traits:

  • Can repair generators and escape pods

Extra Traits:

  • Can use the Vent System

Extra Traits:

  • Can craft Antidotes (to heal infection)


Setting Coordinates

Reach the Deck, where the controls are. You will see two brightly glowing buttons. One for MARS (red) and one for EARTH (Green). Click to set one destination, but know that another player may always come around to change this destination.

Not Surviving

There are a few ways to not survive. Either full infection (inability to perform actions due to lack of FORCE), or blowing up the ship.


Escape, don’t lose your FORCE capacity due to full infection, or live through a full round without the ship blowing up.

Blowing Up The Ship

Destroy all 6 generators. Don’t let the Engineer repair them.

Obtaining Keycards

There are over 10 possible spots for keycards around the map, and 3 hidden keycards.

Once a player has a keycard, they are vulnerable for pickpocketing (a player may steal their keycard).

Consumables may be purchased at the beginning of each round, and a keycard can be purchased (to only be used in that round).


Why can't I use that medkit?!

Cause, I’m really mean and I like seeing this question…

Does my role matter? Is there something my role has to do?

Nope! Not really! As long as you accomplish your chosen/given goal[s], you win!

BUT here’s the catch: If you need to escape uninfected, you need an antidote from the Doctor if you get infected at some point between spawning and escaping. If you get to the escape room and the CREATURE is there, you need the Scientist to have created a stun to use on them to give you some time to stay uninfected as you test which escape pod works. If the escape pods have been destroyed, you need the Engineer to repair them for you so that you can escape in them… Other roles make a difference as well.

You also better hope that the Engineer does not get the goal of destroying all generators and blowing up the ship… Unless you’re the CREATURE, then you should be okay with it :^)

Why are my character's hats on wrong?

Just bugs and hiccups we have to work out! BETA BETA BETA! :slight_smile:

Can we change our skin color? Maybe our gender?

It should not matter :sparkling_heart: They are characters you play. All of them equally awesome! You can own whatever character/avatar you want in the lobby, but the main game has its own characters/skins.

What if I don't win a round? Did I waste 10 minutes?

Oh! Nah! Waiting until the end of a round, even if you escaped or died or the ship blew up, you will be able to claim 2 BRASS for ending!

The struggle is also fun, so I see that as a win :^)

Pls robux?

No! :blush:

Pls Admin??..

… Nah! :blush:

How can I help out in the METAM community?

Check out our Social Links section! There’s a lot going on in the community there! You can make friends to play with, create fanfics, make videos, show us your fanart, give suggestions, report bugs, etc… The ideas are as endless as your support! Don’t have access to our Social Links? Join our group! The same shenanigans will go on there as well :^)

Thank y’all for playing the game! It means a lot to the team :slight_smile: It’s been 2 years, and now we’re finally ready to say hello to players :sparkles:


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