Metaverse Hub - Almost complete

Hey everyone! We’re just about done with our Metaverse Roblox Hub game, and I wanted to showcase what we’ve completed so far. The Metaverse Hub brings the Roblox site experience in game, allowing players to stay in the virtual world, without needing to exit the Roblox engine by utilizing our external app and AWS server. The feature I’m most excited for is the Roblox Trade Terminal, or RTT, and is inspired by the Pokemon GTS. This allows players to make trade offers that will be stored in our backend database, which will be automatically executed once someone else makes an offer requesting your item for their’s. And yes, I mean real Roblox limited items. Here is a list of more features currently in the game:

  1. New in-game forum with persistence (All forum data stored in AWS)
  2. Roblox game site-wide browsing and join functionality
  3. Avatar editor with site-wide catalog browsing. (Changes take effect on the site too)
  4. Chatting in game. You can send and receive website chats with friends in game.
  5. F3X building features so you can build whatever you’d like, such as a house. Your creations are saved.
  6. Import NFTs from OpenSea to showcase in game (All NFTs must be approved and verified before they will be imported)

Features currently in the works:

  1. Private messaging
  2. Joining purchased private servers of any game
  3. Joining a selected public server of any game
  4. 8-Ball, Connect 4, and CollectO “Quick games”. You’ll be able to invite friends in game to have quick 1v1 matches.
  5. Item favoriting
  6. More forum features and improved overall UI/UX.

And more that I’d like to keep a secret for now. :slight_smile:

You can find out more by visiting our website at

Please share your thoughts and suggestions on this thread. They will be greatly appreciated!


Its a nice concept, but the UIs could be improved in my opinion.


Agreed! :slight_smile: We were focusing on fundamental functionality before aesthetics, I’ve hired a UI/UX designer to improve. Thanks for the feedback.


So… it’s a Roblox game that replicates the website?

What’s the point? If people wanted to use this game to replicate the website, wouldn’t they just go to the website that they already have open as opposed to looking for and joining this game?


Partly. It seems I’m understating the functionality of this game. Mobile users must leave the app before making actual avatar changes, chats, and performing other site only actions. I’ve also added a new forum, sandbox, enhanced trade system, mini game system, and other features to keep users entertained while staying in the game (As you you said, what’s the point of this if it’s just a copy of the website :slight_smile: ). One vision I have for the average user is for them to work on a house, while being able to change their avatar and access enhanced features (Such as the trade system) that would not have been accessible without leaving the game. I see this being beneficial particularly for VR users. A HUD with site access while playing with friends is much better than leaving the virtual experience to make changes, then rejoining, then leaving again to play another game in my opinion.

The UI really need some updating

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looks good can guess took around 5 to 6 months to make

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