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Greetings, Welcome To Metaverse Managers A Group Which Is Full Off A Full Collective Team Of Architects And Developers To Bring The Roblox Metaverse Hit Games. With Builders ,Scripters, Artists And More Various Others To Build The Elitist Of Development Groups.!/about

Our Roblox Group Admits Many Users Who Apply Into Our Program Which We Will Get Onto In A Minute.

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Our Applications Are Based Of Skill, Organisation And How You Are With People, Our Focus is to Make new games in the metaverse to shine and our goal is to server the Roblox community as a high level development group.

The Group Was Founded By TheEternalDev And Many People Already Are Metaverse Managers.


Applications can be sent for a chance to be admitted in the group, Its Recommended you send your best creation and your potential, We also go through applications fairly and look for quality and personality, We Will respond with feedback and this needs to be professional.

To apply please fill out the form linked on our twitter website
IF NO LINK IS THERE THEY MAY BE CLOSED, This mean you may have to wait.

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How Do We Review An Application ?

When there submitted to the group we check them with every staff member located in the group and we will go through the submissions looking for, Creativity, Imagination and Detail. Of Course its not always about the detail, but were looking for future technology and to make the metaverse truly shine.

Also For Scripters and artists its the same, were looking for high tier scripting and artists some great looking art to evolve the group.

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When applications are submitted we will get back to you within 7 days of submitting and the result will go through roblox messages or any way of contact you have open.

Q - Do You have a public discord server ?
A - Yes, its linked on our roblox group, 13 years or above only.

Q - Are you Affiliated with roblox ?
A - No, We are not affiliated.

Q - Who Do I Contact for easy answers ?
A - Message With A Professional Question ( make sure to elaborate ) and we can answer for you.

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Also as a public member, Enjoy our upcoming experiences and our experiences !, You can even suggest ideas at ,if you do so wish.

Thanks For Being Apart Of This Amazing Opportunity.