Method to checking how long a player has been in a group?

I’ve been unable to find a built-in function that returns how long a player has been in a group for.

Is there some other method I am unaware of to find this data?



Unfortunately there’s no built in method of doing this. The extremely hacky way of doing this (Will only work on private groups) is to fetch Audit logs to see when the player’s join request was accepted and comparing it to today’s date. To do this however you’ll need some knowledge of how to set up a web server that would fetch and return this data.

Overall I would not bother trying to do this because even if you do manage to set up a webserver to send requests to for fetching this information, there is no guarantee of the audit log page staying as it is, and so any changes to the page would immediately render your efforts useless and you’ll be back to square one.


Per the Groups API endpoint for getting a list of users in a group for a specific roleset, there does exist data on Roblox servers for a user’s group join date. However, that specific date is not displayed for us and we can only rely on knowing the join dates of the surrounding users to figure that out, should we already know that. Someone should make a website feature request for this, specifically on the site for the API endpoints.