Method to open the dev console

My game has a custom chat, but on mobile the only way to access the dev console is by chatting through the roblox chat.

My intermediate solution is to have the user say “console” in my chat, then turn on the roblox chat, then have them say “console” there too.

A real way of opening it would work too, like a button in the menu somewhere.


Isn’t there a Log button in the Help section of the menu?

Not on mobile

I’m surprised that this feature didn’t come with the new dev console mobile optimizations. This is pretty annoying to work around, and a built in menu option to open the console on mobile would be amazing.

There are plans to add a button for opening the console to a menu soon, so this won’t be necessary.


That’s so great to hear!

Are we looking at soonTM, or soon soon?

this is in the works