MeTool (New Eazy Tools Create Plugin BETA!)

Welcome to ME TOOL!!


What Is ME TOOL??
ME TOOL It’s a plugin that helps you build tools like swords, guns and a lot more… while filling some short settings and click create button

What does ME TOOL offer?
ME TOOL Offers the best service of building tools in roblox studio

Why should You use it?
Because this plugin is the best for creating tools

What does it help?
It help to create tools like swords, guns and more…

LINK: click here for going to roblox plugin page


100% LIKES TO THE PLUGIN (Updated 10/01/2023)!

if you have any bugs replay here!


Why not just use the toolbox? This just seems like you’re charging for free models.


Exactly. You could just find a tool model from the toolbox, rename it, add some scripts (watch youtube vids if your stuck) and voila, you have something better than what the plugin can offer for free.

Not only that, but the plugin doesn’t even have an option to customise what the tool does…
and you call that easy tool creation?

Plus you have to pay

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i’ve seen the other plugin “melua”?
it seems like you spend more time creating the logo than creating and designing the actual plugin.

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It’s ai generated since the text don’t match the name

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