MG:Test (Devlog 2) Badges, Bugfixes and more!

Ayyy, back again with the 2nd devlog.
Previous logs:

New Changes:

  • Badges (Easy, Medium, Hard, No-Hit)
  • Improved Menu and GUI
  • Improved details and effects of a few attacks
  • Improved graphics (RIP low-end PCs, y’all have to use lower graphics now)
  • BuGFiXeS (yay)

Now watch me beat easy mode and get a cool badge:

And finally, game link for anyone who wants to play (At your own risk of course.)

CONTROLS (Customizable)
Left Click: Main
1: Mobility
2: Heavy/Ranged
3: Special
Right Hold: Parry
Q: Forward Dash
E: Backwards Dash

Comment suggestions or criticizing or just bugs.
Also game’s in a really early stage, just one map and like two enemies.

Invited my friend to play the game. One hour of him suffering for two badges :+1:

Looks great, One thing i would recommend is adding a Fade to the Trail


Sounds good. Like trail transparency?
My friend was spinning really fast while the trail was on and he looked like a beyblade.

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Yeah, add like a Trail Transparency and make it transition