MHR 1k Visits Update

Changelog 5/1/21

New Items

  • Essence of Victory, obtainable through boxes.
  • Car, obtainable through boxes.

Returning Items

  • Pumpkin, obtainable through clicking on the pumpkins around the map.
  • Eggs, obtainable through the Masked Man and boxes.

Limited Items

  • Limited Items make a special return for this event.

Map Changes

  • Map is now more vibrant with different color trees, and improved lighting.
  • Caves now have point lights, check the rivers.
  • Changed the water wave size, speed, and color/visibility.

User Interface

  • Made small changes to MOTD
  • Made a minor change to DailyGift


  • Shards per rebirth have increased for this event, originally was divided by 2, now divided by .5


  • Rebirth price has been adjusted for this event, originally was 25 Quintillion, now 25 Quadrillion.


  • ThanksFor1k!!


  • The way the 1k event works is simple, shards per rebirth have been adjusted, and rebirth price was adjusted.
  • The event starts 5/1/21, and will end the day summer update comes out.
  • This is a thank you to you all for playing our game. We as a community have worked hard to get to where we are, and we are not giving up. Here’s to another 1k!!
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