MHR Launch Update v1

Miners Haven Reconstructed v1

Welcome to Miners Haven Reconstructed.

  • This is a mod of the popular sandbox game Miner’s Haven. After months of the open source being out, we have seen multiple modded miner’s haven games that are basically the same. We wanted to take the term “modded” to a whole new level.


  • Big thanks to Zonix_Official and LordTechStorm for the New Heights Open Source
  • Big thanks for INWNMTheBossM for lending me a script that checks item id’s
  • Huge thanks to the submitters that let us use their items.
  • Even bigger thanks to the testers for testing the bugs, big help with the launch of this game!
  • And a huge thanks to our community. Without you we would not have gotten this game done.


  • The gui has been semi-redesigned.
  • Gui has been given a new font to make it look nicer/cleaner
  • Some of the gui has been given new icons, and new colors to make it look even nicer.
  • Shop GUI has been changed to fit a more modern style.
  • Notification GUI has been made more simpler, to make it less meh and more yeh.
  • Top bar has been changed, now matches the games name,
  • Save slots have been redesigned to be more colorful.


  • Sacrificing has been changed to Elevating.
  • Elevating requirements have changed. Here are the current ones.
    1st Elevation: 1k Lives
    2nd Elevation: 2.5k Lives + 250 lives for the reward.


  • The map has been designed to match the current season/month.
  • The map now matches autumn, like mentioned above,
  • Solo Map has been designed to match the current season.


  • The original idea of this mod was to start over with 0 items and work our way up to 500+, but we decided that the only open sourced items we will use are the shop items.
  • Items are more vibrant, more colorful, more neon to make the game feel more alive.


  • All the tiers have been given a new design, to match the term Reconstructed


  • With the help of Zonix_Official, we made a whole new craftsman gui. This one is 100x better then the old one.
  • Craftsman now has some requirements, you will see more throughout the game.

New Heights!!

  • After delaying 600 times in MHPR, it’s officially here (Thank you again Zonix_Offical and LordTechStorm)
  • New Heights lets you take your base to a whole new level, literally.
  • Platforms help you place your items even higher, it’s essentially like another part of your base.
  • Hydraulics help you move your ores up and down your platforms, neat right?


  • Announcements have changed, it will no longer say “has born” it will now say “has ascended.”


  • Prestigious items officially replace reborn items.
  • These are essentially the same thing, except color and name change.


  • Enhancements overwrite Evolved Reborn items.
  • In order to enhance your item, you need to head to the craftsman and meet his requirements and enhance your item into a better one.

Chat Notifications

  • Chat notifications have been updated to make it feel more alive! They will now have an emoji next to them.

Content Creators

  • Within our community we have many content creators. We want to help them as much as they help us.
  • We are awarding content creators an exclusive code they can share with their fewers on launch of MHR, a special thanks to them for sticking with us for so long.
  • Content Creators will also be getting monthly codes they can share with their viewers.


  • Music has been changed to fit the Halloween theme!


  • Shop, like mentioned earlier, has been semi-redesigned to be more modern, but that’s not all.
  • You can now purchase 999 items, instead of just 99.


  • Crates have been given a new design, a much cleaner and simple design.

Miscellaneous/Dev Input

  • The focus of MHR was to make it a harder Miner’s Haven, but looking at the current state of Miner’s Haven, and people not enjoying how Reincarnation was focused on speed, we decided against it.
  • We have decided we will try to focus more on a fun game, and listen to all community input.
  • Our main goal is to provide our player-base a different mod, something different, something to spice up the modded miner’s haven community.
  • In Conclusion, we are giving power to the players. We are not giving them full control, but we are all ears when it comes to criticism, feedback, and suggestions. We want to hear your guys’ voices a whole lot more this time around.
  • Boxes will be redesigned in the near future :slight_smile:
  • A huge question we have gotten through testing was Where are exotics/vintages?
  • I, personally, believed that launching a game with a whole lot of content messed it up in the long run/future. I don’t want to drop a lot of content on top of your heads immediately.
  • TLDR: Exotics/Vintages/Overlords will be released in separate updates. (December time)
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