Microerrors in building with Studio

I was working on a game for a few hours today, and after a while realised that one of my models (a rocket launcher made from 32 parts) was slightly cracked. Upon more inspection, lots of the parts had coordinates that extended to the third decimal. The whole thing was built with CmdUtl with an increment of 0.1 studs, so this isn’t possible without there being a Studio explanation. During testing, the model was anchored, welded together, unanchored, and then several parts were animated. Even if the welding caused it to fracture like it did, it shouldn’t have carried over once I pressed reset.

Later on, I discovered an old backup of the model contained these tiny errors as well, but they obviously build up after a while and make a huge visual impact. I had to find an unaffected part in the model and reorient everything from that, which wasn’t nice at all.

I actually just noticed ANOTHER one of these cropping up just after I fixed it all up. This time I have a picture.

#1 reason I never build anything that’s substantial right here

Oh God, that would freaking kill me…

I’m very certain that the cause is Model objects. This issue, which involves Models, demonstrates a reproducible way to get the effect you’re seeing.

For now, try putting your parts in something other than Models. If you need to use GetModelSize or something, then put the parts in a Model at the last possible moment (e.g. after you’ve copied them).

85% of when I’m building has this annoying issue. I just use a CFrame plugin to adjust it correctly. I’ve heard the classic studio has more accuracy when placing parts and such than the current one.

I can’t believe issue’s like Anaminus described don’t have top priority. I’ve seen this happen a lot and it’s wasting so much development time… :?

We’ll be releasing a fix for this soon. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s an old legacy “feature”/bug with the draggers and I’ve ripped it out because it does not make sense. What it’s doing is world snapping your pieces independent of the model when you move a model so that they stay on a fixed grid. It’s a little too snap happy imho.

Still ain’t fixed :frowning:

-Slightly off topic-
I dont know if its just me, but I have had a unique error of parts that were originally anchored unanchoring by themselves. this sometimes happens to whole models. Anyone else had this?

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Years later and I came to the understanding about a year ago that as long as you didn’t cause your part’s position to go into the hundreds specifically after the decimal then your build would be fine as long as you paid attention to when the parts would eventually become misaligned anyways and have to replace parts with ones at or near 0,0,0. It still appears however that this is a major issue that has yet to be addressed

Unfortunately, this is not the entire case and your parts will still be misaligned no matter what you look out for.

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