Microprofiler article "Threads" section is incorrect

On the Microprofiler page, the “Threads” section contains wrong information.

As you can see in this screenshot:

  • There’s not a single thread that runs DataModel jobs. DataModel jobs can execute on any worker thread. As seen in the screenshot, the DataModel job jumps between worker threads.
  • There is a single thread that runs rendering code, which is the main thread of the Windows process, which is the thread labelled “Main”.
  • The “GPU” timeline refers to work that runs on the actual GPU, not CPU like the page says. And the GPU timeline is only supported on certain discrete GPUs on Windows 10 when using Direct3D.

It should also be noted in the article that in Studio Play mode, you will see threads from all three DataModels: the “stopped” edit mode DataModel, the Play mode Server, and the Play mode Client:

Here’s a screenshot where I exaggerated the frame times to demonstrate three DataModel jobs running in parallel. No matter how many DataModel jobs there are, there’s only ever one render thread (the “Main” thread).


FWIW, the GPU timeline is unreliable :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of little things discussed on this topic (like that reply above):

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