Microprofiler displays are bugged

When hovering over any label in the microprofiler (can be a frame at the top, or label in the main view), the text is malformed and duplicated. This can be seen below:

This is reproducible both in-game and in-studio simply through opening the microprofiler and hovering over a frame:


This has been happening to me aswell, renders the micro profiler entirely useless

Thanks for the bug report. We have a fix for this already merged, but it has not been flipped yet. I think it’ll be in this week’s release, but I cannot speak to when it’ll be enabled. We will let you know when it is.


Can confirm, been happening to me as well.

This is a duplicate of Strange text rendering bug with the microprofiler (client only)

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Sorry! I did check before posting, though didn’t go that far as I figured it was recent. I’ll mark this as solved to redirect towards that post instead.

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