Microprofiler Help

Below is an image of my games Microprofiler. In a game with just parts and scripts disabled, why does it go from fine to spazzing? The event that seems to randomly jump in frame time is “Perform”

Game going from being okay to spazzing:

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Ive seen the Video. Im not sure exactly what the process is.

Pink is “Perform”
Yellow is “waitUntilCompleted”
and Green is “Present”

Thats what is taking up the most time but I dont know what they mean.

I’m assuming this is similar to the truss tutorial from Roblox, you likely have a bunch of parts concentrated in one area. Try rotating your camera here and there and observing spikes, spikes should come when a lot of physics and rendering has to be done

I suspected this so I tried moving my camera and standing still and could not find any pattern.

Could you possibly share a link to the game for us to visit?

Yes, my apologies.

At any given point there is only the “Spawn” and the current level you are on loaded into workspace.

Cue: Lack of information on the MicroProfiler

Are you aware of any code in your game that is inefficient, running poorly or producing any noticeable frame delays? The best way right now to work with the MicroProfiler is to use best guesses to determine what some labels are for. A lot of them describe internal processes (on the C-side).