Microprofiler shows a large number of 'WorldStepped'

So this issue happens when a player ‘selects’ an object in-game. All it should have to do is create a part with a decal on it near the object.

There’s more than shown in the screenshot, about 70 ‘Workers’ total and it seems like WorldStepped is running multiple times.

All of my code should be running under a single BindToRenderStepped, seen in the above image’s section: “BlowupUpdateClient.” This happens immediately before Physics.

Q: What makes WorldStep happen multiple times like that?

It looks like based on this comment, worldstep runs multiple times per frame in general, and it’s probably running more often in this frame because of the lag. If this is normal - I guess I’m not understanding where I should optimize this then, or what target runtime I should aim for with my scripts.