Middle click scrolls in script editor

This thing:

Would be nice to have


I think the middle mouse panning used in 3DS Max and Paint.NET would be nicer to use than the sticky scroll: Middle Mouse Button to pan script editor


Why is this a studio bug tho

I don’t know what you’re talking about

Sublime uses it for cursor painting.

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…omg no way

legit terribly useful.

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@Fractality_alt @ROBLOX_MANNN If you like that feature, you should make a separate request for it!

@Sharksie @EchoReaper I’ll add this to our review list with both suggestions, and we’ll figure out which one would be better (Obviously there can’t be two functionalities attached to one context).


I’d prefer mouse drag scrolling like this or the way EchoReaper described it. My vision was rejected though.