Middle Ground's Experience

Good Morning, Reader. :wave:
I have recently been binge-watching Jubilee’s Middle Ground Series. :chair:
So, I have decided to re-create this experience into Roblox. :roblox:

My plan is that I’m looking for 3 Players that can represent the R6 Community. :eyes:
My rationale is: If 3 Rthro/R15 Users and 3 R6 Users can settle down differences and see Eye to Eye?
I have chosen to do this because there has been a controversy between the R6 and the Rthro Community regarding advertisements.

It will take place on May 29, 1-2 PM EDT :mantelpiece_clock:
I have already gathered Rthro Representatives.
If you think you are eligible for being an R6 Representative then “Opt-in” and state why you would like to participate!


I need three R6 Representatives at most!
Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below. :left_speech_bubble:


Would you be entering that as a Roblox official event? I am confused.


This is a personal virtual event. That, I made it is not made or is not official by Roblox. So don’t get confused. If you seem interested in participating let me know!

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