(Midnight Mayhem) Game sneak peek (apologies for dupe)

Game description:

Midnight Mayhem is an all-new and unique Battle Royale game. Midnight Mayhem features custom gameplay mechanics and framework. Compete in a 60 player battle through the night featuring vehicle chases and gunfights. Use the weapons you receive throughout the night to fend off others and be the last one standing. Choose to team with as many players as you wish or go solo.


  • Highly detailed and optimized city map built strategically to emphasize character interaction
  • 8 custom weapon models alongside their unique animations
  • Custom player movement mechanics and animations
  • Fully customizable in-game character
  • Character outfit shop
  • Ability to join ‘friends’
  • Much more

TRAILER: - Showcases features + Map


WSSI - Builder
Sutik - Programmer

Discord contact:


I love the name, concept and design. You always can impress me, WSSI! I can’t wait to see this come out!


You should add a custom ui for the roblox backpack like meepcity


Everything looks amazing. You should add a custom inventory system instead of roblox’s base item system though.


thats something were working on atm :slight_smile:
(sorry if this was posted twice, both me a sutik posted but the post had been under review and we werent sure if they had been cancelled)

Thank you so much, we’ve decided to expand the map a slight bit more for space purposes :slight_smile:

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yep I totally agree, we’ve started that :slight_smile:

Hey. This looks really good. Only thing I’d point out is the first image appears to be a little bit bland in color and whatnot, it resembles a church. Also… the lighting.
Second pic building on the right could use some color as well and the staircase on the right could use some type of railing.
In the video, there is no bullet sound effect but I figure this is due to the music.
The weapon slots could use some kind of UI and some of the animations are weird (knife stabbing). You could also add peaking corners like r6s.
What’re the game mechanics like? Do you have to loot for weapons or are they given to you periodically?
I’m not sure how I feel about the teaming part because in theory, you can team up with 25 people.
Overall gameplay looks good, building looks great. To me it doesn’t feel like a royale map.
I think it’ll be very successful and I wish the best
Hope this helped