Migrating Heads and Accessories to be MeshParts

This is a big update, I’m tired of particles surrounding the whole player head box rather than the circle. Thanks for this update.


I want to clarify few things though.

  1. There’s hats with scripts. This one for example uses SpecialMesh in it’s script to alter it’s own mesh.
    You might want to check some scripted hats, redo their scripts as well.
    Example: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/169444515/Rbadams-Smokestack-Top-Hat

  2. There’s some hats with VertexColor. That means MeshParts require Color3 property.
    Example: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/20372951/Brainfreeze

Wouldn’t it break those hats?


I believe attachment could fix the issue!
Just put particle inside of it. There might be no offset variety like for part though.


I’m excited for this change, this also means exploiters will in future, be unable to delete the meshes in their accessories which means plenty of exploits which do things like make blocks won’t work anymore.

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I did a fix to address this future change.
Was fun!

You’re right, an attachment would probably fix the issue there. As for the changing mesh issue, that would still require 2 meshparts, as you can’t change the MeshId of a meshpart in game for some reason still. And yes, we 100% need Color3 in meshparts, I have wanted this for so long.


Yeah, that’s why I did a hacky fix for said hat out of pure boredom.

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@CodeWriter Dev. reached out, Can you answer?


I noticed in this week’s update that characterR15V4.rbxm was added with a MeshPart head, but there seems to be an issue with the normal mapping seams around the face.

I’m sure this is known about, but I just wanted to post it here in case it was overlooked.


Is that R15V4.rbxm available to obtain it? also are these head on dummy models from the plugins will be changed to be a MeshParts?

This will be fixed once the new code is enabled.


What’s the update on the migration of MeshParts?


What’s also the update on the addition of texture coloring for meshparts? I feel like this is a needed addition considering Roblox is embracing meshparts more and more as time goes.


Any updates on issues that are causing the massive delay?

We’ve decided to ship MeshPart heads and accessories at the same time instead of as two separate releases. Should reduce complexity. Accessories took much longer because we had to convert the entire existing catalog of accessories (including UGC uploads).


This update seems to break acessories still using the deprecated ‘Hat’ instance

for example this: Ceremonial Guard of the Archduke of the Federation - Roblox now refuses to load in game

This feels like a weird setting to be put in Workspace’s properties. Feels like it should be in StarterPlayer properties or something, since it’s something that really only directly affects which type loads in when players join. Really nothing to do with the general game/workspace

It breaks this accessory, maybe because the SpecialMesh is called “SpecialMesh” not “Mesh”

Equipped transparent MeshParts seem to be causing Z-Index issues

Unequipped MeshPart on the right

Equipped MeshPart on the left

Found this issue thanks to @Mr_Purrsalot 's Rainbow Wings

Repro Place

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