Military Island Tycoon Changelog

:cowboy_hat_face:Howdy, everyone!:wave:

As we update Military Island Tycoon more frequently, we’d like to keep you all up to date with our changes every update. With that, this will be our official changelog for the game!


The following changes were made to ‘Military Island Tycoon’:

12/18/2021 Changelog:

:man_mechanic:Improved guns with better feel, clearer direction, and bullet holes.:woman_mechanic:

:gun:Gunshots & other sounds only play if they’re nearby.:gun:

:wrench:Players can’t reload with a full clip.:wrench:

:loudspeaker:When you take the hill, everyone gets a message.:loudspeaker:

:dagger:If you defeat another player, everyone is notified.:dagger:

:no_entry_sign:You can’t steal your own gold anymore.:no_entry_sign:

:gun:Guards can shoot back.:gun:

Check out the new update by clicking here!