Military sim King of the Hill in Roblox? WOAH!

This project is entirely for fun, I expect to make no money from this at all, and all earned moneys will be distributed evenly amongst everyone who worked on it

Yo guys, what’s up?
Arma 3 is pretty damn fun of a game that I happen to love, especially when you play things like king of the hill. Those crazy moments when you’re in an attack helicopter and you take out a squad that just landed via air transport… Or those other times where you shoot a helicopter out of the sky with an RPG…Too bad lots of children on the game don’t know what arma 3 is, and some of their parents won’t even let them get the game when they find out it’s a military simulation game. I wanted to sorta do what phantom forces did with battlefield and make a version of it in roblox. I envy those guys and I want a game as fun as arma’s king of the hill in roblox!

What I need
Coders, builders, UI designers, etc etc etc, people to plan stuff out, and simplify it all for roblox integration
Someone to help me build stuff, someone to code the stuff the builders put out

I don’t want an exact copy of arma 3, since roblox has its limits, but I want someone who’s skilled enough to simplify and put out a decent semi-less-detailed copy of what arma offers. ((I STILL WANT COMPLICATED VEHICLES, THOSE THINGS ARE HARD FOR A REASON!))

what I want

complicated ballistics similar to arma’s, with bullet drop, damage loss after certain ranges, etc etc

complicated vehicle controls, somewhat heavily based on teamwork, and other simpler vehicles such as the little bird helicopter, which is hard to master but simple in concept, and things like wheels and rotor damage that effects your vehicle

Realism! (If you get shot in the leg, you limp! If you get shot in the arm, you can’t shoot properly!)

decent enough optimization to the point where 60 players can be in a server battling it out in a huge city?? server size will be tested during the later parts of the game itself


let’s copy arma 3 king of the hill and put it in roblox for fun! dm me on discord for more information


if you’re interested, lmk! kyodo#5387

no deadlines, no up-front payments
I don’t expect this to go anywhere crazy, it’s just something fun I wanted to do!
Builds are not going to be complicated. This game will require lots more code than building, and I can’t code myself, so that is why I’m reaching out to the community in hopes that someone who can code can help take over the coding aspects of my proposed project.

MANY THANKS! I don’t expect people to want to help, since it’s mainly for fun, but if you have free time, consider it! It could become something super cool!

Another thing- I understand some of this stuff needs some planning, but who cares? It might work somehow in the end. I’m here entirely for the fun of developing a sick project with others who have the same views as me.

It won’t lol.

This right now looks like a fantasy project. What initially set alarm bells off for me is expecting no money from it, but then I was like “well I do projects for funzies”, but the scale of the project, and the proficiency and experience you’ll require from your devs (Which I think is WAY higher than you expect, even if you admit its high already. WAYYYYYYYYY higher)

So my kind advice to you is:

  1. Get good at scripting (most builders go nowhere, unless you’re exceptionally talented or have management/marketing skills - and from what I’ve read, it would appear you’re not a natural at that (I don’t mean that in a cruel way!!)). Its the easiest way to start making money, you can start actually earning R$ in weeks from clans.
    (This point is quite contentious lol - ignore it if you want)

  2. DON’T lead a dev project without having been in a relatively successful one already (As in, it got a decent, well made product out. Doesn’t matter if it performed terribly). Given you’ll have newish devs for your first assuming you don’t have heaps of cash, it will be a massive disservice to them if you crash a project because you’re a total noob at management.

  3. Just join a dev team thats semi-established. They’re loads of them around. Don’t expect to be paid. You want to see how its done.

  4. Make sure the first projects you do are small. If your team has a MASSIVE scope and none of them have even done something moderately large, leave. They don’t know what they’re doing and the failure will demotivate you.

For some motivation and further advice to get good at Roblox:
When I joined what was going to become Novaly, we were working on a game with like 10-20 concurrent. A year and a half later we’ve got 38M visits (its about that, maybe more), 4 people going on an internship at Roblox, and two bloxies.

I wasn’t like a God at programming when I joined (and I’m far from it now, I’m below average imo). I had only be programming for a year or so when I joined. But I had worked in a semi-successful and competent team (we got CLOSE to launching a product, which is far better than most of the teams put together that I’ve seen. Even top top teams with hella experienced devs don’t get close lol),and everyone else had kind of worked in teams before and we knew roughly what we were doing.

Our first project went very well, I think when we stopped maintenance on it, we had like 4M visits and now it has something like 7M. We spent a VERY long time working out how to effectively monetise and market on that game. Read some basic price elasticity theory, thats what really got us started.

Good luck! I hope in a year and a half’s time you win best new dev team bloxy too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you think if I get the whole game built, that I might be able to convince some coders to work for it?

SO basically have everybody do the work for you?

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no, i’m gonna work as a builder, most of the decisions would be made as a group, with everyone on equal terms.
Another thing- I’m gonna put in just as much work as everyone else (if school gives me the time to)
everyone will have equal access to the game and everyone working on the project is allowed to own a copy of whatever everyone else puts in

This doesn’t really bode well with me and I’m sure others are probably concerned too.

I understand the sentiment of doing a project for fun and seeing where it goes, but this looks like negligence to me. I’d be worried of wasted time and effort.

Slow down and perphaps read this:

You are probably new around here but nobody will just jump on this scale of project with no planning, no payment, and just expect them to spend 2+ months on something that just feels everywhere cause its a fantasy remake of a existing game.

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I’m not the best developer, and I’m not the best at putting out the ideal views of the things that I want done. I’ve been making stuff on this platform directly for like five years total now, and none of my projects have ever gotten that much attention because I’ve never been able to finish them. The main issue right now with what I want to do is all the coding. See, I can do everything on my own, minus the coding. I get that it’s not at all feasible to put out a game at such a large scale, and that no one works for free, and that’s why I put a disclaimer in the beginning that it’s purely for fun. Hell, if I finished one of these projects, I’m still sure I’d never get any attention, since I’d be competing with everyone else here.

Like I said, all I’m looking for is to waste time purely for the sake of fun, to create some cool stuff with some cool people. That’s it! Nothing else. I’m not even asking for coders, either. I’d be completely fine with creating a map the size of a huge island with loads of towns, houses, and places to duel it out, purely for fun.

Aye mate, good on you. Keep at it!
You should probably put out some work to show people that you’re a capable builder, post some screenshots of what you’ve made!

Here’s loads of stuff ever since 2010, not in order!



99% of the stuff there was done entirely by me

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