Military Tycoon | Rules

Welcome to Military Tycoon!

Military Tycoon is a gamed owned by GameFam and a military themed shooter where you can play as a country and take over the world! Fight with a military grade arsenal, and wage warfare with an ever expanding vehicle list of helicopters, tanks, and boats! Conquer oil rigs and control points to boost your nation’s earnings. Updates are always on the way!

The Purpose of this topic is list out rules that we have while playing Military Tycoon and its respective punishment. We want to make your experience enjoyable, so please be sure to follow this rules and report them in our communication server under Social Links.

Please note, refunds will not be given to you if you are banned, lose your gamepass due to abuse or such that warrants this infraction.


  1. Do not break Roblox Terms of Service - It lists all rules in which every game should follow to provide an rich experience to every single person.
  2. Exploiting, Cheating or Hacking - If caught, you will be banned on spot without being able to appeal.
  3. Glitching - If a glitch has been found, report it in the bug reports channel in our communications server. If caught abusing or using a glitch, you will be temporary banned for 2-7 depending on the severity and the glitch/bug.
  4. Real Life Events - Military Tycoon has several teams in which user can play as, as stated in ROBLOX TOS, do not bring in real-life events into this game, this will be a ban.
  5. Excessive spawn killing - Spawn killing is allowed, however excessive spawn killing will not be tolerated, this will warrant you a warning. Repeated offense will warrant a kick or a ban depending on the severity. The spawn killing limit is 3, going further will result in an offence said prior.
  6. Toxicity - Whether intentionally targetting and individual or not, it will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity, it will warrant a warning or a kick as punishment.
  7. Moderation Punishment - Do not evade moderation punishment, meaning leave game and joining another server to evade a punishment.
  8. All moderation decisions are final - Do not argue with a moderator on the decision they gave, if you feel like your punishment is unjust, join the communications server and open a ticket. An Administrator will attend to you.
  9. Impersonation - Do not impersonate a Moderator, Developer or any GameFam staff in order to gain an upper-hand in situations and all.

With all of these rules listed, you are expected to follow them. If you noticed someone breaking one of these rules, make sure to record, screenshot and report them in our communications server!