Milkshake Express | Public Handbook/Guidebook

Milkshake Express | Public Handbook

We’re Milkshake Express. A Cafe/Parlor Group doing our best to serve hungry/thirsty customers everyday. We’ve been in progress of revamping the group, for a little bit. We’re always hiring Baristas to join our team and make our group what it is.

How to become a Barista
  1. Join our group and head to the “Quiz Center”.
  2. Pass the quiz and become a Trainee.
  3. Head to a Training Session and pass to become a Junior Barista.
  4. Then head to the Cafe/Parlor!

What do I do if I’m banned?
In game bans should be appealed in our Discord and Discord bans should be appealed on a form.

If I’m wrongly banned, what should I do?
We ask that you still appeal it or report it to someone. Appealing would be easier and faster, though.

If someone plays a Bypassed audio in-game what should I do?
Report it to an HR so we can ban this user.

More to come!

Recipe Guide

Soon to come…

Terms Of Service
  1. Trolling is not allowed. You must be kind to all our Staff and anyone in-game. You must also wear an appropriate T-Shirt in-game or action will be taken.
  2. We ask for you to NOT show any form of racism, to anybody.
  3. We ask that you don’t exploit any of our Facilities.
  4. You must follow all Roblox TOS.
  5. Lying about having a rank, or things along that line will lead to a blacklist.
  6. Rudeness is not tolerated, You’ll be warned then removed from the server.
  7. All staff must use correct grammar when at our Facilities.

More will be added ASAP.

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