Mind Mapping Inside Roblox Studio

Hello, I am Simbuilder and for the past 2 years I have been extremely focused on mind mapping to create projects on and off Roblox.

Ultimately, I want to bridge Open Cloud with Project Management software and build bridges and sales opportunities with existing and new companies to drive innovation.

I for one, like the freedom Developers have on Roblox and with that I have seen a lot of growth in my self education using internet resources.

I would like to share some insights with these mind maps to spark interest.

I have also created a website to consolidate Models and present these tools in a beautiful presentation.

To introduce this, I’ve created a series of websites that abides by a vertical slice that intends to show for the individual, their interests, group(s), company(s) involvement, and political aspirations.

Essential Premise:

Purpose for Mindmapping inside Roblox Studio

Future Implications:
Drafted post, will update later once Roblox adds multiple drafts to the forums

I don’t know anything about this

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