Minecraft Classic terrain generation in roblox

A few weeks ago, I came across an old .rblx file of a Minecraft terrain generator I made over a year ago. I started working on it after I found this page on GitHub and abandoned it after getting to the water and lava part. Well, I decided to start over on it and try to make the code a lot cleaner, and after about 2 days I got the basic generation done. After spending the next 3 days fixing some bugs and adding support for textures, I found a tool to decompile and deobfuscate the Minecraft classic 0.30c jar file and started comparing my code to its code. I ended up porting Minecraft Perlin noise class to Lua, and after that, I found a node.js module called java-random, which is an implementation of java.util.Random, and I ported it too. After another 5 days of debugging and making sure my code worked the same way as Minecrafts code, I got this result:

(sorry for the low framerate, I don’t have a very good computer)

Compared to Minecraft:

In order to get the same world generated each time, I had to mod the game to use a default seed of 1. Since it uses a working implementation of the java.util.Random class, it can generate identical worlds.
It can generate worlds of any size, but I have it set to use the only sizes you can choose from Minecraft:
Small (128x128)
Normal (256x256)
Huge (512x512)
I would upload screenshots of these but the hard drive partition I saved them to get corrupted.
Currently, the only issue I’m facing is how low the fps get while rending all the blocks. I think this is happening because of how many SurfaceGuis are being rendered.

You can test it out here:


It’s awesome! The result looks similar.
In some ways, I got nostalgia…

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You should totally re-create Minecraft in Roblox. Just make the generation bigger, add block placement, destroying, first person, mobs, and you got yourself Minecraft!

That is actually what I’m planning on doing since I have decompiled/deobfuscated source code of Minecraft c0.30_01c

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I have added in a loading screen, and the fps/chunk updates counter, but I will probably need to disable textures because SurfaceGuis seems to make it way laggier than just using decals.

What if you used SurfaceApperence? I’m not sure if they support multi face textures or not though.

The best alternative would be a Texture, but it would need to have a property like ImageLabel.ResampleMode, or else you get something like this:
While I need something like this:

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Ah I see. My bad! Well you could export a cube from blender and use that but like I said before I’m not sure if they even support multi face textures.

It doesn’t, it also doesn’t support U, V offsets, or transparency.
It also appears to use linear interpolation for scaling.


Do you still have the scripts? I was looking for a script like this, All didn’t work

This Is the best thing I have seen on the devforum so far!

i do, but it relies and a bunch of other modules i made. i can send you the place file, but it will be missing textures