Minecraft Steve is not decent

Why was this image content deleted?


Because in a way, that’s copyright infringement, and Roblox doesn’t need another lawsuit.


Would using a Minecraft starter character be copyright infringement as well? What about using the zombie sounds from Minecraft?

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It depends on if the sound was created by MOJANG. If not however and it was used from a royalty free site, its fine.

MOJANG is owned by microsoft also, its definitly from minecraft

Well, MOJANG was not owned by Microsoft, it was bought by Microsoft.

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Would this get deleted?

Would Roblox assume that I am giving personal info or something?

Minecraft Steve is basically minecraft copyright. if zombie sound made by mojang then yes copyright

of course not lol you’re practically suggesting microsoft copyrighted the name steve


That miraculaus game has not gotten banned, would I be fine If I credited MOJANG and Microsoft the way @Toya credited ZAGTOON

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I don’t think so because its still copyrighted.

Does it violate the ToS to use steve and the zombies?

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Yes. It violates the ToS. Don’t use any of Minecraft’s assets. Your game will be taken down.

I have a solution.

Make my own “Steve” and “zombies”.

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As long as all of the assets you use are original, you will be okay :+1:

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It could be deleted due to the text being seen as not “legible” enough, but it will not be deleted for copyright reasons.

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The game is no longer minecraft related.