Minerblocks Update Log

Minerblocks Update Log

Game: Minerblocks - Roblox
Group: Minerblocks Studios - Roblox

Update Log

Minerblocks 3.1 [PART 2] Update (4 August 2022)

Minerblocks 3.1 [PART 2] Update

  • You can now get all the types of leaves by breaking them using an axe.
  • Removed Pumpkins. [Will be back in the future]
  • Removed mossy cobblestone. [Will be back in the future]
  • Added Bushes. (They spawn in the jungle areas.)
  • Added a fire effect to the torch.
  • New torch texture.
  • New sun texture.
  • New door texture.
  • New door item texture.
  • Bug fixes.

Unfortunately, all inventory and world data got deleted after the takedown. All gamepasses will still work in the new place. Sorry for the inconvenience there was nothing we could do as copyrighted material was found and removed now.

Minerblocks 3.1 Update (31 July 2022)

Minerblocks 3.1 Update

  • Upgraded the UI/Menus.
  • Changed the cactus texture.
  • Changed the birch texture.
  • Changed the dead tree texture.
  • Lowered the spawn rate of birch trees.
  • Lowered the spawn rate of cactus.
  • New sound effects.
  • Bug fixes.

Unfortunately, all inventory and world data got deleted after the takedown. All gamepasses will still work in the new place. Sorry for the inconvenience there was nothing we could do as copyrighted material was found and removed now.

Minerblocks 3.0 Update (24 June 2022)

Minerblocks 3.0 Update

  • Summer Event.
  • Luckyblocks can be found when you mine underground and they give you the new event beach ball item.
  • Beachball item.
  • New beachball helmet, can be crafted using beach balls.
  • Brand new textures, all the block textures have been changed. (A brand new world to explore!)
  • Recipes menu.
  • Recipes button added to the inventory.
  • Better item drop animation.
  • Media verification system. (May does not appear for some players due to the Roblox policy!)
  • Media verification button added to the inventory (May does not appear for some players due to the Roblox policy!)
  • Increased the max FOV from 110 to 120.
  • Brand new gamepass shop menu.
  • Small changes to the jungle biome with the structure spawn rates.
  • Bug fixes.

Minerblocks Easter Event Ended (1 May 2022)

Minerblocks Easter Event Removed

  • Removed The Easter Event.
  • Luckyblocks will no longer spawn in when you mine.

Thank you for playing the easter event, We are back and we are working on the new big 3.0 update, stay tuned!

Minerblocks 2.9.5 Update (11 April 2022)

Minerblocks 2.9.5 Update

  • Easter Event.
  • Luckyblocks randomly spawn in when you mine when you find one if you break it gives you an egg.
  • Egg Helmet. (New limited-time event helmet)
  • Eggs. (Limited-time event item)
  • Changed the sprinting button from ctrl to shift.
  • Crouching has been added press ctrl to crouch. [Computer Only]
  • New armor textures.
  • New flowers textures.
  • New purple flower that spawns in the snow biomes.
  • New mossy cobblestone block that spawns randomly in the jungle biomes.
  • Removed red flowers from the jungle biome.
  • Removed yellow flowers from the jungle biome.
  • Bug fixes.

Minerblocks 2.9 Update (1 April 2022)

Minerblocks 2.9 Update

  • Signs.
  • UI Improvements.
  • Swords are now better than axes. (fighting)
  • Ore X-Ray gamepass added.
  • Kit tools gamepasses added.
  • New gamepass store menu. (Credits to stealthy for the UI idea)
  • Removed leaderboards. (Was making the game more toxic with players killing each other and new players that just started getting targeted a lot)
  • Removed third person mode for mobile players. (will be back when we improve it)
  • Drop item button on mobile is now back.
  • Fixed a problem on mobile.
  • Error spams when you died fixed.
  • Fixed problems with the pumpkin lantern.
  • Bug Fixes.

Minerblocks 2.8 Update (18 February 2022)

Minerblocks 2.8 Update

  • Performance Improvement. (Credits to chassit for the help!)
  • Snowed grass can be found at the winter biomes.
  • Revamped all the tools textures.
  • Revamped all the armor textures.
  • Revamped all menus.
  • Revamped all the flowers textures.
  • Revamped all ore textures.
  • Revamped the dead bush texture.
  • New code system you can now redeem codes for items.
  • New item pickup sound effect.
  • New snow grass footstep sound.
  • New stone break sound.
  • New damage sound.
  • New trees designs.
  • New loading screen.
  • New font for stack counter.
  • Ore spawn-rate was balanced.
  • Removed Doors from the item shop.
  • Removed the particles when breaking a block. (This makes block breaking smoother)
  • Disclaimer menu when you join.
  • All wood types are now smeltable.
  • Shadow On/Off setting.
  • Blocks for all ores. (Overlord,Diamond,Gold,Iron,Coal)
  • Changed the view distances.
  • Disabled the default roblox avatar sounds when jumping.
  • Fixed FOV not saving when you die.
  • Fixed Options when it’s on “Off” and you die won’t work again.
  • Fixed Bug on mobile that you can’t hit others while walking.

Minerblocks 2.7.5 Update (3 January 2022)

Minerblocks 2.7.5 Update

  • Removed The Christmas event.

NOTE: This update does not include any new content, we are back from our holidays and we are working on 2.8

Minerblocks 2.7 Update (10 December 2021)

Minerblocks 2.7 Update (Christmas)

  • Christmas event.
  • Presents (They spawn on the winter biome and they can be used as decorations for your builds).
  • Luckyblocks (You can find them randomly while mining) [Luckyblocks are dropping candy canes when broken].
  • Candy Helmet. (Can be crafted with candy canes).

Minerblocks 2.6.5 Update (27 November 2021)

Minerblocks 2.6.5 Update

  • Replaced Admin & Moderator Commands Gamepasses With MVP & VIP+ Gamepasses. [If you had the admin or moderator commands gamepass before it will be replaced with the MVP & VIP+ Ranks! (Same commands more features!)]
  • Chat Tags For VIP+ & MVP Ranks.
  • Welcoming Messages For VIP+ & MVP Ranks.
  • Updated all gamepass icons.
  • Removed The Black Friday Sale.

Minerblocks Black Friday Sale (25 November 2021)

Black Friday Sale

  • Black Friday Sale! 50% OFF on ALL Gamepasses except for dev products until November 27!

Minerblocks 2.6 Update (12 November 2021)

2.6 Update

  • Voice Chat Enabled.
  • Mobile Third Person Button.
  • Birch Trees.
  • Birch Stairs.
  • Birch Slabs.
  • Welcoming messages for the VIP gamepass owners.
  • Removed Halloween Event. (Luckyblocks + Autumn biome Removed)

Minerblocks 2.5 Update (15 October 2021)

2.5 Update

  • VIP Server Location Saving.
  • Premium Kit. (;kit premium) [Only for roblox premium users]
  • Premium Helmet. (Only obtainable from premium kit)
  • Improved the mobile support.
  • Item Pickup Sound Effect.
  • Bug Fixes

Minerblocks 2.4 Update (1 October 2021)

2.4 Update (Halloween Update)

  • Autumn biome. (Limited Time)
  • Luckyblocks. (Spawn randomly when mining)
  • SkullHelmet. (Can be crafted with bones)
  • Bones. (Can be found by breaking a luckyblock)
  • Changes on the world generation.
  • Snowing at snow biomes.
  • Snowgrass now drop dirt.
  • Pumpkins now wearable.

Minerblocks 2.3 Update (18 September 2021)

2.3 Update

  • Group Rewards (;kit group).
  • Smoother hand animation.
  • Pickup On Full Inventory Fixed.
    Smaller update this time, big updates are coming soon!

Minerblocks 2.2 Update (10 September 2021)

2.2 Update

  • Slabs. (6 Different Types!)
  • New Overlord Tools + Armor Textures.
  • Updated The Cactus Texture.
  • New Hand Texture.
  • Bricks Added To The Item Store.
  • More 3D Items.
  • Brick Stairs.
  • Bug Fixes.

Minerblocks 2.1 Update (27 August 2021)

2.1 Update

  • 3D Items.
  • 3D Items [On/Off] At The Settings Menu.
  • Bricks.
  • BrickIngot.
  • Clay.
  • ClayBall.
  • Updated the data UI.
  • New Caves.
  • Disabled Caves & Lava At Vip Servers.

Minerblocks 2.0 Update (13 August 2021)

2.0 Update

  • New Biome (Jungle!)
  • Updated The Snow Biome. (Feeling less empty!)
  • New Trees (Jungle Trees and Snow Trees!)
  • Ice Blocks (Can be found at the snow biomes!)
  • Stairs (5 Different Types!)
  • Caves More Rare To Be Spawned
  • Egg Helmet From The Easter Event Was Fixed